About Us

The French Doctor is a Halifax based business specializing in French for Preparation for SLE – Test of Oral /Written Proficiency in French for the Public Service Commission of Canada and Preparation for French IB for students.

We are a small team with seasoned teachers dedicated to the success of our students through experience and programs crafted for the way our students learn best. We create a friendly learning atmosphere to ensure our students feel comfortable as they learn French. 

We have a lot of experience in the training of public servants, including members of the Canadian Forces, from beginner level to level C. Many of our students have obtained the profile they required to advance in their careers and find success using their new language skills. We have a high level of success rate for exams at all levels.

Our teachers are friendly, encouraging and understand the importance of putting our students at ease, given the challenge of learning a new language—especially in a stressful work environment with tight deadlines and a limited budget. 

Being bilingual ourselves, we help our students overcome the difficulties of the French language by helping them step out of their comfort zone. Offering both one-on-one and group lessons, we have something for every style of learning. 

Looking to advance your French skills? We can’t wait to work with you. 

Our History

Established in 2011, The French Doctor has been helping public servants, teachers and students improve their French skills for over a decade! 

Between our 4 seasoned teachers, we customize our lessons so that you can pick up French as a second language with confidence in your new skills. Since 2011, we have taught students, teachers, professionals as well as public servants in more than 20 different federal departments and businesses in Canada as well as abroad.

Whether you’re looking to learn in small groups or one-on-one, we’ve been teaching online and off for many years and can’t wait to provide you with the environment you need to learn.

Our Approach

Whether it’s the federal government language qualifications, the language proficiency requirements to teach French or the school curriculum contents (including IB), we know precisely what it takes to get you to reach your goals. 

If you are a public servant, we can help you reach the level that you desire, whether you are a beginner, looking for a specific linguistic profile or hoping for an exemption. 

First, we will assess your level by asking you to do an assessment test online for reading and grammar. This will help us identify your strengths and the areas of improvement. Then we will discuss your goals and needs and with your input, we will create a personalized program that specifically tackles what you need to master in a time-sensitive matter, all the while keeping your lessons stress-free.

Our Team

Sophie lived in France, Ireland, and California before moving to Canada. Her initial training was in Molecular Genetics, for which she earned a PhD and worked as a researcher. She gained experience as a French instructor for a few years until she created her own school, The French Doctor. Since then, her business has grown tremendously and has received great reviews. Sophie is a proud member of the francophone community in Nova Scotia, and passionate about supporting local businesses.

Initially from Belgium, Adrien is an avid traveler who has also lived in New Zealand and now in Canada. Adrien has a Master’s degree in French and romance languages and literature. He also has a Master’s in journalism. Bilingual himself, Adrien understands the challenges of learning languages and believes in the importance of being supportive and encouraging to his students. He delivers his classes with professionalism and dedication.
Born in Montreal, Julie spent her youth between Québec and Sénégal, a French-speaking African country. Julie earned a Bachelor’s of Psychology and a Master’s in French language and literature, both of which serve her well when it comes to teaching. In the past 20 years, Julie has also worked as a freelance translator, copywriter and copy editor. Julie loves getting to know her students and sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for the language with them.